Once you are certain that a metal roof is the best for your house, the major decision you will need to make is to select which kind of metal roof is ideal for your house? To assist you in deciding the roofing experts from Garland roofing companies have listed some of the most typical types of the metal roof and how they differ: 


Zinc is one of the metal roofing types that last long. Similar to a copper roof, the zinc roof type will eventually form a patina, making it more durable while guaranteeing that it won’t rust. Zinc has an extremely low melting point, which is why it’s easier to produce with much less energy compared to some materials. If you are searching for a green roofing option, then it’s important to consider a roof’s energy efficiency. With zinc, you can guarantee that it is 100 percent recyclable. Sine zinc doe not have to be coated similar to aluminum, nothing is changing or transforming the main material. If you decided that you should reroof now, though this would take several years or even decades, you can choose to entirely recycle the old zinc roofing material.  


If you want to go for a beautiful yet bold look, there is nothing that can beat a classic copper metal roofing. This particular metal roof type has been accessible for centuries already. In fact, it’s renowned for its natural beauty. Apart from that, it forms a blue-green patina after it’s exposed to the elements.  


Nowadays, aluminum is undoubtedly the hottest metal roofing type accessible on the market. Aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and durable, making it perfect for almost any house. Plus, the aluminum roofing materials today are already pre-painted. You can select from an extensive range of options that are accessible from the manufacturer and the metal will be ready to be installed by your roofer.  


Long before, steel roofing has been utilized for commercial roofs. However, it has emerged into one of the most well-used metal roofing types for property owners today. Steel is basically an alloy. Meaning, it is made up of other elements and iron. As you may anticipate, steel, which is utilized for a few heavy-duty parts of construction, is remarkably durable. On top of that, steel is the most affordable metal roofing material you can get today. Steel is manufactured out of recycled material, which is an excellent choice for many.  

However, this material has major drawbacks, one of these is the fact that it rusts. To prevent this, steel roofing materials are produced in 2 different manners: 

  • Weathering steel roofing 

This material for steel roofing is the least commonly used one. Weathering steel basically has 2 layers of steel. The outer layer is intended to rust, which protects the inner layer. Because this metal roofing is intended to rust, it is commonly utilized as an accent piece to incorporate some character to a house. 

  • Galvanized steel roofing 

This steel roofing is the most common type above all as it utilizes a zinc layer that protects the inner steel layer from being corroded.