Are you searching for ways to make your current home just quit more eco-friendly? Or are you planning to construct a green home for your dream house? If so, check out the leading sustainable roofing materials from Richardson roofing companies that homeowners utilize as they attempt to construct a “green” home”. 

Green roofs 

Living roofs or green roofs are an unanticipated roofing material that’s instantly getting popular nowadays. Such roofing type has other vegetation or grass that grows on top of the roof. It’s difficult to correctly estimate how sustainable green roofing is since they provide several benefits as well.  

Wood shingles and shakes 

Wood shingles and shakes are among the most real sustainable roofing material available in the market today since wood is a sustainable or renewable resource. Sure, some types of roofing materials can be recycled, however, unlike clay or state, we can plant more trees.  

Wood shingles and shakes provide some advantages and perks as well. Apart from being a sustainable and green roofing material, other wood types are naturally resistant to pest, and wood roofing can give great energy-efficiency. This is all thanks to its excellent insulating abilities.  

Clay tile roofing 

Clay tile is a roofing material that’s natural and recyclable. This material is manufactured out of the sourced material from clay pits. Because of this clay tile has been recognized to be one of the sustainable roofing material, which has been around for ages already. Clay roofs are more typically seen in the United States and can pretty much be seen mostly in the southwest part due to their remarkable heat resistance. Clay is definitely a sustainable material for a roof. However, it is vital to know that clay tiles can be quite heavy and can be more costly compared to other types of sustainable roofing materials.  

Slate roofing 

This roofing type has been a crowd-favorite, even before. And even if you do not see it that much in the United States, it is actually a popular option all over Europe, particularly on historic and older buildings. Slate is basically a rock that is trimmed into slabs, which are then directly installed onto a roof. Slate is a roofing material that’s extremely sustainable because it’s can definitely last long.  

Metal roofing 

Out of all sustainable roofing materials, metal roofing is the most cost-effective one that you can encounter on this list. Beaten only by asphalt roof, a metal roofing has always been one of the favorites of the consumers. This is due to the metal roof’s long-lasting, durable capabilities. Plus, it only needs little to no maintenance at all. Besides, they are extremely energy efficient.  

A lot of metal roofs available on the market nowadays are made out of aluminum, which is a natural and recyclable resource. Because metal roofing potentially las you for 50 yrs. and even beyond, you won’t need to reroof it for a long time and they do not need full maintenance more often. This way, it helps in reducing the overall waste and cost linked with metal roofing.